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You Can't Scare Me! (1994)

You Can't Scare Me! (1994)

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About book You Can't Scare Me! (1994)

This story was published with another two Goosebumps stories - here's my full review of whole - Click, clickСледпрочитно:"Не можеш ме уплаши" е слаба история. Може да съм гледала епизода, а може и да не съм - но във всеки случай той не е оставил никакъв отпечатък върху мен. 80% от историята се състои в несполучливите и не особено оригинални опити на група деца да сплашат нахаканата си съученичка. Чак към края започва да навлиза свръхестествения елемент. Легендата за Калните чудовища е всъщност интересна, но на фона на изключително незадоволителния завършек беше като пропиляна. Нямаше я дори и характерната за Гуусбъмпс врътка, която да покаже, че нещата изобщо не приключват тук. (И която ми беше най-големият ужас)~~~You Can't Scare Me wasn't a particularily good story. I can't remember watching the episode - but even if I did watch it, the story itself wouldn't give any lasting memory. 80% of it is the attempts of the kids to scare their school mate through not very original and not very successfull means. Only in the end we got something supernatural going. The legend of the origin of Mud Monsters was actually very good. But next tp the very lame ending it seemed just wasted. Even the chracteristic twist in the end that shows that nothing is finished just yet(and was if you ask me one of the scarriest things in the series) was missing.

YOU CAN’T SCARE ME is probably my least favorite Goosebumps book that I’ve read so far. There just wasn’t enough run-up to the horror portion of the book.Most of the time is spent focusing on how much of a know-it-all show-off Courtney is and how whiny and afraid of everything Eddie is. Granted, while I appreciate that kind of scene-setting there wasn’t a whole lot of it around the concept of these mud monsters. The woods that they supposedly inhabit aren’t even mentioned until maybe two-thirds of the way through the book. So there’s very little time spent building the story around the woods and those monsters. Instead they’re mentioned as an aside and the focus of the plot is shifted back to trying to scare Courtney with rather lame ways of doing it.Eddie wasn’t that great of a character either. Like I said before, pretty whiny and the kid was afraid of his own shadow. Every time he cooked up some way to attempt to scare Courtney he would imagine these elaborate reactions she would have despite evidence to the contrary. That happened at least three times, I think. It got old.I just wasn’t impressed with this one. There was far too much build-up and far too little scare factor to really have an impact. The characters, while fleshed out, didn’t hold my interest, mainly because they were uninteresting (I had my choices of the fraidy cat, the dirty kid that always wore a cap to hide his unwashed hair, and the know-it-all show-off) and a bit too stock character for me. The monsters themselves were there and gone faster than you could blink. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of. It was kind of disappointing. And it’s an older Goosebumps too, at least older than the last couple I’ve read. Can’t win them all, I guess.2

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I used to think that RL should have made these books more realistic and not to scifish, but after reading this one, he should stick with science fiction! Reading the cover and the first few pages, I could already predict the end. I can sum up the book in one sentence: A Group of friends try to scare a girl. That's it. Book over, go to bed. It's nice to see their multiple attempts and I did like the fact that there were several characters. This book I'd put in the "Goosebumps Starters Kit" list, because it is not scary, not suspenseful (or as suspenseful as some of the prior releases. It actually bored me to be honest, my left eye kept falling asleep, that or I'm coming down with something.
—David Santos

I have very conflicting feelings about this book.I liked this book,I would not recommend giving this book to a first time reader, because it is very slow paced. But it is a good storyline. I also don't like this book because it pulls you in on false pretenses. All based off the illustrations. Now I don't know if it was the illustrators fault or if R.L. Stine chose the cover but I was very excited to find out the story behind the monsters on the cover and see how they terrorize the main character. In reality the story is all about a group of kids who try to scare a classmate and the only thing you get from the monsters is a paragraph or two explaining their history (Not a good one either) and then one page ONE PAGE of them terrorizing the characters....Needless to say I was very unhappy. But it was a good storyline the cover was the only thing that was misleading.Also this had one of those endings that pissed you off, Just sayin.
—Carol Briseno

It all started during a field trip at school to the Greene Forest. Eddie, fell into a snake, a green one, and the class goody-goody, Courtney made fun of him because he got scared. The snake was ready to strike, I would have freaked too.Courtney picked it up and was holding it. She teased Eddie, and it happened again with some bees. She three them at Eddie and his friend, Hat. Hat and Eddie freaked out, which is normal if bees come at you. Courtney made fun of them and besides Molly and Charlene who are their friends.On the way back to school the four of them come up with the plan to scare Courtney as pay back. This is not an easy task either. They try a fake snake, a tarantula, even Molly's dog. None work and back fire on them each time. It isn't until Courtney says in class monsters are real do they get another idea, using the Mud Monster legend to scare her. Kevin, Eddie's brother puts on his costume, he'd been using to make his movie with his two friends and heads out into the woods one night. Too bad its a full moon and it once again backfires. Although the main plan is achieved, it still goes wrong for them.I'll let you read to find out what happens to not only Courtney, but Eddie and his friends, plus his brother Kevin. I gave this book 4 stars because of Courtney, other wise it was a great book.

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