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You Against Me (2010)

You Against Me (2010)

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0385613504 (ISBN13: 9780385613507)
David Fickling

About book You Against Me (2010)

First of all, I need to say that I intended to give this a 2/3 stars rating because in the first one hundred or so pages it was really kind of enjoyable, the main problem I was having was that nothing really seemed to happen. But then, near the end of the book, both the main characters did so many childish things and they were so selfish that I couldn't get. Throughout the entire book I felt a huge lack of communication that was probably one of the biggest reasons for their problems. The premise impressed me and seemed really original, but I couldn't really like the characters, neither the way it was developed, so it's mainly due to this that I'm giving this one star. ALSO, WHAT WAS THIS END, FOR GOD'S SAKE? Wasn't for me.SPOILER!!!!!Just needed to add: One of the things that REALLY annoyed me was that when Ellie decided not to keep what happened that night for herself anymore and share this with Mikey, she told him that his sister wasn't lying, she really had been raped,and instead of going to the sister's lawyer or to her mom and tell everything, they decided to went in a romantic adventure!! Just couldn't stand. This book in my opinion was really good. It has a delicate subject matter in the book but i think the author did really well. I find it sometimes hard to read books that may be based on sexual assult or may have a character who has experienced it but i think it's good when authors bring a topic like this to light. This is my first review some will be more longer hopefully as i find my way round and get better at writing reviews

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I loved it in the beginning, but ended up not liking it in the end.

badly written and contrived storyline ... not worth it

not the best


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