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You Again (2012)

You Again (2012)

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DNF-ing this bitch.This was a short story, but dear God was I booooored. One minute the FMC is declaring her undying hatred for the MMC and declaring he will never have a shot with her again -- EVER (and I could kinda get why -- it sounds like he acted like a fuckbag and dumped her because she was going to harm his upward career trajectory) and literally two paragraphs later, she's propositioning him for sex. Maybe this was supposed to be funny (oh ha ha, she can't control her vaginal twitches or whatever -- someone needs to tell her about kegels), but the humor just wasn't my bag.The writing wasn't bad, but the plot wasn't grabbing me, the second chance wasn't doing it for me, and the humor wasn't mine. Total personal preference. YMMV.

Nice cute sweet short story.We meet Lily, daughter of known thief, and part of infamous Melbourne Family! She was still nursing a broken heart after two years, her ex, Luke who happens to be a cop, turns up and quickly handcuffs her, he was tipped off about her breaking into a home to return some stolen jewels.After getting over her ex turning up, it soon materialises that lily is being a scape goat, by the not so honest home owners of the jewels.They end up holding a stakes out which is a catalogue of mistakes. Had me giggling. Glad it worked out for them both!

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