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Wreck Me (2013)

Wreck Me (2013)

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About book Wreck Me (2013)

3.5-4 stars!!0-30% it was eh, couldn't get into it40-70% ok this is kinda really good and cute (I want me a Damon lol)80-90% .....must keep reading95-end% Holy mother of cliffhangers, that shit did not just go down (Have to read the 2nd book)!!This was a on the shorter side of most reads, but I'm glad it was. Some books just drag and drag, and this one was the right amount of read, esp cas its a trilogy. The two main h/H are so cute together, I felt a little bit like their meeting was rushed, so didn't expect much of this book, but then the middle picked up and it became a really cute read. Damon, Jo and their freaking puppey were so adorable together lol. The whole element behind the book was a bit predictable, but from the very beginning you knew, so it wasn't suppose to be a mystery or anything. Having read the second book also, I would definetly recommend this book. The second book was even better then the first. Minus 1 star for the MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER Minus 2 stars for the impressive lack of originalityPlus 1 star for Damon ColeI could probably trace every single element of this book back to another romance novel I have already read. I also really hate the female lead. I cannot be sympathetic to her horrible circumstances because she annoys me. I know that sounds awful, but I really just don't like anything about her. She buys a dog a stroller! Furthermore, I hate how belligerent she is while interacting with his father and grandmother and Sutton. She is just very careless and immature and I'm sure it can all be explained away by her difficult childhood, but in the end that is just an excuse that she really needs to give up. All I can say is that I love Damon, even though his personality was a little dark, most of the time. I saw this big secret coming from a mile away. Actually, while reading the prologue I was 100% certain this is exactly what would unfold, to some degree."I just don't care for apologies. They're never sincere. I can vouch for this, since I have the urge at this very moment to say I'm sorry for being so rude. But honestly, my impulse to apologize is only because I feel uncomfortable with the guilt I feel and my stupid human brain associates an apology with mollifying my own discomfort. Apologies are just a reminder of how selfish people are."

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Not a bad little read, can't say I like Damon much though, didn't feel a contention to him.

Don't read it. Third book is a big disappointment.

Actual rating: 3.25

Loved it!

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