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Worth The Weight (2012)

Worth the Weight (2012)

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About book Worth The Weight (2012)

I love the "worth" series by Jacobs. Part of the appeal is that I'm from Michigan and love the author's knowledge of all things Michigan - from sports, to cities, to the U.P. If you're from there, this series is a fun read! I've never been a huge fan of romance, but these books are good, have imaginative story lines, and the author introduces each chapter with a pithy quote. Try them, you'll like them! *****spoiler alert****I really enjoyed this book. Being formerly on and off again obese, I related to the main character. She has much more will power than I do though. I found myself crying at her revelations of why she gained and then lost weight and the body issues she faced. I enjoyed how the whole story played out. Until the ending... This is where to stop before spoilers.I can't believe we went on the bloody roller coaster of Annie Aid and all it entailed and we will never know if she was able to walk!! How incredibly unsatisfying and disappointing! :( I feel cheated!

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Enjoyable book, a little raunchy in places! I gave it 3 stars because I found it predictable...

I really loved Lizzie, and I loved Finn's kids. Cute story and (YAY) start of a new series!

This was a freebie that I ended up loving. I am definitely a Mara Jacobs fan now!

4.5 stars. Great story. Loved the "realness" of it.

It was a good book.

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