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Words Of Radiance (2014)

Words of Radiance (2014)

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0765326361 (ISBN13: 9780765326362)
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About book Words Of Radiance (2014)

Great continuation of the Stormlight archives. The addition of a bunch of new characters and the progression of existing ones leaves you with a lot to take in, so its ok if you read slower than a chull. The action and the immersion is wonderful and you won't be disappointed by the storyline. Has a great mixture of flashbacks/backstory with present dangers and conflicts plus; the revealing of the mysteries that everyone that has read "The Way of Kings " is pinning after. Overall an extraordinary book, worthy of your time if you a fan of Fantasy and extensive and mind-blowing world-building. So I listened to this book, rather than reading it, which likely affected my take on it. When reading a book, you choose the voices/tones/attitude of dialogue. You skip bits that drag or sound stupid. You skim when something drags. No such luck when listening. Well, you can skip, but I didn't. I really enjoyed this book, and found it as engaging, even with the same lulls, as the first books. Lulls not lolz. Lots of dialogue walked the edge of annoyance rather than interesting. However, as soon as I finished the book various parts of the plot kept nagging at me. No spoilers here, but just as some people were critical of how Sanderson 'wrapped up' some of Jordan's plot lines in WoT, I was surprised to get a little bit of that feeling at the end of this book...... even though its his own story? I'll sit with it a bit more, after listening to it for 48 hours (well, 38 hrs, thanks 1.25speed) it probably deserves a bit more reflection.

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Very creative story. If you like Wheel if Times, you will enjoy this series

Ugh I have to wait for book 3..... Amazing read.

Another Epic Sanderson tale.

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