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Withstanding Me (2013)

Withstanding Me (2013)

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I thought this book was even better than the first.. Poor ZZ can't seem to catch a break.. Winter I understood her struggle but I felt like she was doing to much with her money.. I wanted to yell claim down and put some aside for the kids..the use of Drugs so freely in front of everyone got on my nerves.. I like Titania and little ZZ..only real problem I have with this book is it was again more about Winter than ZZ and storm. 3 1/2 StarsThis book was all over the place. Several different pov's being played out in this book. Mostly it was Storm and ZZ. We find out why Tatiana's mom came looking for her and ZZ in the last book. The shit Tatiana pulls in this book is pure immaturity. She is only 18 but it's just bullshit drama. The Russian Mafia is back in this book and more bloodshed ensues. I can't explain this book well. It just seems like too much immature drama. Are all crime families just immature babies who can't handle emotions and real world problems without causing more drama or violence?Even though there was lots of drama-and yeah I realize I'm using that word a lot-I still want to continue with the series. I'm not even questioning if I want to-I totally DO.

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love the book, now i want to read about Shadow :-)

Yay!! I have a new MC Series!!!

Loved it!

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