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Witchful Thinking (2012)

Witchful Thinking (2012)

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Witchful Thinking is book 3 in the Jolie Wilkins series.I loved this book! I am already a fan of the Jolie Wilkins series. The previous 2 books had me gripped from the start with HP Mallory's fantastic world building, depth of characters and plot twists & turns - this one didn't disappointment me. I liked the new "diary/journal entries" that the main character, Jolie Wilkins, wrote as it was a nice way to get into her head.I'm secretly in love with the Sinjin Sinclair character - what is it about these bad boys that make our hearts pitter-patter ;-)I can't wait to read what happens next in book 4 "The Witch Is Back" The first 2 books in the series were entertaining. But this novel had two severe drawbacks. The first being the fact the story is told in part thru Jolie's diary entries. The second being the long, drawn out flashbacks. The majority of the book seemed to be a review of events from the first 2 books in the series. It was a slow, boring read. If I had not become attached to the characters in the first two novels, I would have given up and moved on to a more interesting read.

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Again what a great way to spend the evening or either day reading this series.

Jolie and Rand need to get on or over it

Character is getting slightly boring.

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