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Wintergirls (2009)

Wintergirls (2009)

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067001110X (ISBN13: 9780670011100)
Viking Juvenile

About book Wintergirls (2009)

I loved this book and found the characters interesting enough to hook me into the story-line. I felt for Lia's struggles and the crossed out words didn't really bother me or put me off reading the book in any way. I am suffering from anorexia currently and I would like to warn readers that the book is very graphic mentioning calories and numbers and this may trigger you so read with caution. I enjoyed this book so much that I am now reading speak and I look forward to reading more from Laurie Halse Anderson in the future. The novel, Wintergirls, written by Laurie Halse Anderson is focused on Lia, a teenage girl who has been diagnosed with anorexia and depression. Lia’s ex best friend Cassie-diagnosed with bulimia-died in a hotel room alone after attempting to call Lia 33 times. Lia-who has recently come out of an eating disorder rehab clinic-begins to receive visits from Cassie’s ghost that cause her to blame herself for Cassie's death and begins to relapse and self-harm to cope with Cassie’s death.I would recommend this book for teens because it is an easy read that some readers may be able to relate to. This book is hard to put down once opened, and is informative on what eating disorders are and how they affect everyone's life. I would not recommend this book for a class reading assignment because it could make some students uncomfortable due to the amount of detail on how much an eating disorder can change someones life for the worse.Wintergirls is a very powerful book when it comes to capturing how losing a best friend can impact someone's life, as well as how an eating disorder can impact the life of the person that has the disorder and the people around them. I would definately reccomend this book to readers looking for a dark, depressing, informative novel.

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fantastically written. depressing and will make you feel emotional but you will be glad you read it

This book was so powerful. I recommend it to anyone.


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