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Wildefire (2011)

Wildefire (2011)

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1442421177 (ISBN13: 9781442421172)
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About book Wildefire (2011)

This book could have been amazing, but in the end it was just entertaining. I think it's more of an introduction for the following book than anything else.I like the idea of highschool boys and girls being reincarnated gods of different cultures, that's really interesting, and thankfully I liked the main character.I admit I was surprised in the final chapters, and even felt sad about an incident (that is an euphemysm as big as a house) that caught me completely off guard.In conclusion, a good enough story that has the potential of being MUCH better. This book is absolutely hilarious!!!!! I couldn't take it seriously because of how funny it was. And cliché. The only reason why I gave it a rating of two is because it's funny. Other than that, it would have gotten a one. Sorry but not sorry. I will not read the other books in this series because I don't really care what happens to them because it's sooooooooo cliché. Ooooo she has to kill her sister. Big wow. Much wow. Wow! That's never been done before.... Ooooo her friend died for her. Wow, that's never been done before. "PLOT TWIST" the guy that died made his girlfriend pregnant and now his child is on the way. How is she, like 16. Wow. Now she can quality for "16 & Pregnant" congrats!!!! Sorry, but that's hilarious. Is the child going to be this rogue demon child or what? I cannot take this series seriously. It's too cliché and funny. READ THIS BOOK IT YOU WANT TO LAUGH YOUR BUTT OFF!!!! Otherwise, don't.

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pros: I loved the diversity and mythologycons: the dialogue and jokes were corny at times

Ich habs abgebrochen da es nach 200 Seiten immer noch mega Langweilig war...

I thought it was a good series all together with a nice touch of fantasy.

Please let there be another one

Cazy but in a good way!!

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