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Wild Cards (2013)

Wild Cards (2013)

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Simone Elkeles is one of my favorite authors, and is still keeping the title after I finished reading this book.I loved that Ashtyn was a strong female lead. I just don't read enough books with them anymore. She plays football, and is good, to hell with anyone who gets in her way. She can take care of herself, and lead her team. I loved the camaraderie she had with the rest of her team, and that she didn't let little things get her sidetracked. She wanted something, and was determined to fight for it.Derek was a great counterpoint to Ashtyn's lead. Derek has made mistakes, but atones for them. I like that he had a sense of humor, and was an epic prankster. He never tried to overpower Ashtyn, or make her feel inferior just because she was a girl. He treated her with respect and still was a man.Even though this was a high school setting, the characters were mature and not whiny, privileged brats. I really enjoyed the character development, especially for Derek. I'm really excited to follow this series and see where it goes! I really liked, but it didn't hooked me. It has a really large world history and that is awesome. A reaaly "what if" book, but I skipped some world history classes, and thus I have this gap about who is who in the world history... Also, it has a TON of characters. I mean it... and they are so different, some of them so much captivating, some retards, and that is also awesome, but... I think it is just wasn't my kind of reading.But I would recommend it to anyone who really like a "what if" book

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Just got this I review but under it's new title. Very excited!

LOVED IIIIT :)happy ending!!

Actual rating: 3.5 stars


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