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Wife 22 (2012)

Wife 22 (2012)

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034552795X (ISBN13: 9780345527950)
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About book Wife 22 (2012)

I can't quite remember how this came to be on my to read pile,maybe a review I'd read,but it has been sat on my shelf for a while now so I thought I would give it a go.I'm glad I did. The book tells the story of Alice,a wife and mother of two,who becomes bored of her marriage and decides to take part in an online study where she unburdens her troubles to her researcher. The chapters are short and punchy,often in the form of Facebook entries or email conversations. There is plenty of humour and tinges of sadness. One aspect of the book is particularly liked was that you only read the answers to the questionnaire Alice filled in,and it was down to the reader to guess the question. Sounds strange,but it worked really well!Despite guessing the 'twist' in the tale about half way though,I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it!! This was a quick read, where a good portion of the story was told through email and online chats. A marriage is stuck in a rut and the wife participates in an anonymous online marriage study by answering questions about her relationship. Even though I've been married for a lot less time then the couple in the story, some of those questions really made me think. “Slowness seems to be a key element in living a rich life. I don't mean rich in the sense of money. I mean rich in the ability to feel things as they're happening, to not constantly be thinking of the next thing.”So true.

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Very easy to read, the author kept my interest and I would like to read more of her work.

quirky, romantic look at middle age and marriage.

Very funny and had a cute ending.

I thought this was quite fun

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