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Wicked Burn (2008)

Wicked Burn (2008)

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0425224376 (ISBN13: 9780425224373)

About book Wicked Burn (2008)

Loved this was extremely romantic and the sexy scenes were very spontaneous and hot. It had a element of BDSM with tying her hands, tying her to the bed, spanking, yet didn't have the direct Dom/ sub dinaminics, yet they were clearly Dom and Sub in the bedroom. She was very submissive around him.What a life Naill has lead, she looses a child in the worst circumstances imaginable, an insane husband and totally un supportive/ selfish parents. Then she meet a red hot male..Vic, who just doesn't know her life story. He's been hurt by a past relationship, but is also a very private person, but falls hard and fast for Naill.I loved the whole story. It had me totally involved. I felt for Naill, what a strong woman. I would like to think that I could be that strong, but if doubt it...I loved both these characters and I was so glad that there was a HEA, as it's nice to be a soppy romantic occasionally. I would read more from this author, my only faults found,would be that I found the subject matter seemed to switch too quickly, I found myself at times thinking wow, how did that happen, and where are we going now. There didn't seem to be an easy transition from each incident/ episode, but saying that I loved the easy writing style. I could loose myself in the story, which is what I love about a good book This book was awesome. It seemed that for the first few chapters there was some form of sex if it be oral or normal. The storyline was awesome. I just wanted to keep reading and find out what happened to Michael. This was the second Beth Kery book I read and both were erotic. I didn't want to put down the book in the last few chapters it was really starting to get good. Both Vic an Niall have secrets and its what begins to tear them apart. All in all it is an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone.

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Entertaining - made me have faith in some of the goodreads listopias again!

New favourite author! How have i not read this book before now?!

Couldn't finish this book. Not a favorite of mine.

Loved the characters. Fun read.


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