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When The Tea Party Came To Town (2012)

When the Tea Party Came to Town (2012)

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About book When The Tea Party Came To Town (2012)

This is a nonfiction book with a clear focus. Though he does provide some context with anecdotes from further back American history, this book is really about the upstarts in the House of Representatives who have worked to dismantle the "size and scope of government." Allen West comes of favorably, even though I've only ever encountered his ramblings as those of a crazy person, and John Dingell comes across as an eccentric (but perhaps admirable) curmudgeon. This book tracks a fringe movement of Republicans (and some Democrats, including Gabby Giffords) as they turn the tide against one an American president and Congress that were elected with such a popular majority mandate. It was mainly how they managed to turn against the conventional wisdom of Washington, but they did so at the expense of drawing the disdain of the American people. As one article pointed out recently, Congress is now less popular than Creed, and this book helps you understand why. I do wish he'd dived a bit more into the way the Republicans have decidedly manipulated racial fears in America to regain power, but Draper has constructed a powerful and engaging narrative of the 112th Congress. But as many said as the 113th took office this January and the likes of those who lost (like the esteemed West) left Washington -- at least for now: Good riddance. This slim volume contains enough information on the 112th Congress to make you lose faith in humanity. When the history of the death of our Republic is written, writers will seek out Robert Draper's book, looking for clues. Well, when districts are gerrymandered to create extreme red or extreme blue districts, there is no room for compromise. And when idiots run for and achieve office, people who don't understand what the debt ceiling is, there is no alternative to despair.

Do You like book When The Tea Party Came To Town (2012)?

Interesting behind the scenes look. Makes it look impossible to act on principle in congress.

Interesting picture from inside. Gave me a different perspective on these people.

If your not pissed at congress. Read this and you will be.

Congress is lame, you guys.

ugh, the House.

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