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When She Woke (2011)

When She Woke (2011)

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1565126297 (ISBN13: 9781565126299)
Algonquin Books

About book When She Woke (2011)

This book contains controversial takes on so many topics: reproductive rights, punitive justice, politics, faith and theology. The main character's evolving sense of self spoke to me as someone who was raised in a similarly repressive religion. She and I ended up at different places (me without so many harrowing events), but many of her stages rang true to me. I was satisfied with the ending, but it always bugs me a tad when things are too neat at the end of a novel.This is the kind of book I love, one that leaves me itching to talk to someone about it. a young adult science fiction reboot of The Scarlet Letter. it starts off at a good clip but then wallows a bit in the middle as the protagonist becomes little more than a passive receptacle for persecution; however, in the last third of the book, both the story and the protagonist recuperate and exceed themselves. overall a very strong book dealing with the darker side of america's protestant soul, gender equality, abortion, and independence.

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Interesting concept...way too much Christian stuff for this non-Christian.

This book is a classic example of a fantastic concept poorly executed.



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