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When I Found You (2009)

When I Found You (2009)

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Black Swan

About book When I Found You (2009)

I worked as a child welfare worker in Alabama, and we had a case of a new born baby, being left in a dumpster. That made this book appealing to me. That book was a very sad story. Nate was told lies about being found in the woods, like all babies. He was told his mother had run off to California. When he learned his grandmother had lied to him, he no longer had anybody to trust. Nathaniel was a pillar of truth and stability for Nate, but it took him years to build up trust in him. I loved the other two books I read, by Catherine Ryan Hyde. This was not an easy book for me to read. It was too much of a downer. No big review.What I liked --Interesting plot.Believable dialogue.What I didn't --500+ pages, didn't read the "don't write that parts that people skip" advice. Needed editing.All characters were unlikeable. (Story was mostly two men).All female characters were evil, vicious or mean except one. (Again!)Kindle sale for a buck. I need to stop buying books.

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Quick, easy read. Reads more like a script than a novel. Wasn't awful but not all that memorable.

I had to push through most of this book. It had just enough of a story to keep me listening.

simply written but emotionally powerful!

Easy read but I really enjoyed it.

Sad story. Got me teary eyed.

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