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What's Left Of Me (2012)

What's Left of Me (2012)

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About book What's Left Of Me (2012)

As one of the many books recommended at book fair day I thought What's left of me by Kat Zhang was a story told by two different people who made up one. Addie and Eva together forever facing the world and rejections as one. They were best friends and one person at the same time literally. Addie, and Eva shared a body, no they didn't have four arms or two pairs of eyes, but they had one pair of eyes on pair of legs and so forth, yet they were two. The hybrids reacting as they thought of the harm it could cause to the system and the communities way of life even though everyone went through this faze Addie and Eva's never ended... It was a life faze something that would follow them both forever. "Addie and I were born in the same body, our souls' ghostly fingers entwined before we gasped our first breath."(pg 1). Then it goes on to say " Our earliest years together were our happiest. Then came the worries- the tightness around our parents' mouths, the frowns lining our kindergarten teachers' forehead, the question everyone whispered when they thought we couldn't hear. Why aren't they settling? Settling.... We knew what it meant. Kind of. It meant one of us was supposed to take control. It meant the other was supposed to fade away." This shows just how important this settling was to their life and the path their life would go down and how the hybrids would change their life completely. To conclude the book What's left of me by Kat Zhang is a great book to read because it really takes you into the journey of two girls made one from birth to death and shows just how important sticking together really is. I had really high hopes for this book. 2 souls in one body, reminded me a bit of The Host by Stephenie Meyer and I absolutely loved that book. Was quite dissapointed though. The story had some really nice elements, I liked the upset of the world, but I didn't feel in any way related to the characters, they just felt flat. I didn't get drawned in like i hoped to, the story just dragged on and on.I guess it was my fault for having such high hopes of the book.I did like the writing style and it was an easy read so I can't complain.

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it was a slow start but the story was quick to catch on and overall was an engaging book

Pretty good book with an interesting premise.

It was good

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