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Welcome To Sugartown (2013)

Welcome to Sugartown (2013)

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About book Welcome To Sugartown (2013)

Ana: works at her dad's diner and likes to bake pies. She is nineteen. A guy she dated started a rumor that she is a slut because she would not put out for him. She is close to her younger brother and takes care of him.Elijah: strolled into town for a summer job at Ana's dad's bike shop. He owns a bike and nice car. He is twenty three. He is in and out of towns trying to escape a horrible past of mistakes. He no longer has a family. He was in jail twice.The banter is funny. They live in a small town full of gossip. Love the story line using the new sexy biker guy to make an old boyfriend jealous. It helped kick things into high gear since Ana was not going to make a move.Elijah questions himself after being approached by Ana's father because he is starting to realize she deserves better than him. Apparently her father is privy to his past and does not want Ana involved in his mess. Her dad is overprotected.The Australian dialogue is fun to read. Even though I tend to find a lot of books lately with this same dialogue. I'm kind of getting used to it. I had no idea this would lead into a biker story since the story is about a nineteen year old girl and a twenty three year old guy.Crazy way of expressing ones love by banging her friend against the wall of A bar. What a pathetic excuse of a man. Tired of men using sex as a weapon. They get all possessive when they want to claim a woman then stupid when a woman leaves them and they think the best way to forget them is to sleep with another. Men who think this way are stupid and undeserving of a good woman. There just is no good reason or excuse for that kind of behavior.I do not like the turn of events the story has taken. If Elijah never rolled into town I would hope to think Ana's life would not have gone to s*** with all of his problems he brought with him.I'm torn on this one. I don't like to judge, but it was a tough pill to swallow. Hard to read thru the tears for all that was taken from these people. A girl raped-her innocence taken, a girl pregnant-her freedom taken, a guy who did the raping-his life lost, a guy who went to prison because he sacrificed his own freedom to take the blame for others and lost his freedom multiple times.The story's written in Elijah, Ana, and Holly's POV.I do not feel I got the closure I needed from this story. I understand people love but feels is not enough some times, but this story leaves me unsettled. It was written well. I just did not fall in love with the story line. I want to live in Sugartown!! Wowzer! I absolutely give Carmen and her debut novel of "Welcome to Sugartown" 5 Flipping Stars! I fell in love with the characters and who doesn't want to fall for a bad boy? Seriously! The story was very moving, heart wrenching and total kick ass! At one point I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to kick someone's arse!! I love when a book makes you feel a roller coaster of emotions. That tells me that the Author has moved me and that just makes me want more! Carmen, I love you girl and I can't wait for your next book!

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3.5 stars. Read in Born to Ride anthology.

Loved the bad boy biker!!!!

I really liked this one!

loved it


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