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Wednesday Sisters (2008)

Wednesday Sisters (2008)

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About book Wednesday Sisters (2008)

WEDNESDAY SISTERS is written in clear, honest prose about women I could have known, raising babies in places I have been. This is a story of a group of young mothers who meet in a neighborhood park in Palo Alto during the 1960's. They meet at first by chance and then by arrangement. We remember history through their conversation which covers the landing on the moon, the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Rights movement. They begin to write and then they begin to critique one another. In the process the gain their voices at a time when barriers are being crossed and broken but women are still very subservient.I wish this book had been written when I was at home alone with three little kids. This well written book follows 5 young wives/mothers from 1967, when they meet in Palo Alto thru their 35 years of friendship. It explores the issues of the day, family life and emotions as seen thru their eyes. I found I liked visiting with these women who were just a little ahead of me in time. I could identify with their problems and solutions. And I value my long term friends more after reading this.

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It's pretty straight forward, nothing very creative. I really only got into one character's story.

A group of moms gather together and try to fulfill their dreams of being writers.


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