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We Are Still Married: Stories & Letters (1989)

We Are Still Married: Stories & Letters (1989)

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About book We Are Still Married: Stories & Letters (1989)

This book was really a mixed bag. On the one hand, Keillor can be a really fantastic writer. I've heard him called "American Magical Realism" and definatly liked that way of looking at him. He has a knack for capturing beautiful moments, for making a story absurd but not too much, and for his famous humor. On the other hand, I was very sick of hearing about Lutherans and small american towns and his life in general. It just got to be too much. Also, it felt like a book that was thrown together from peices that he just happened to have lieing around his house. The "Peices" section was quite mixed- the first 100 pages were spectacular, but then the next 150 were not very much fun to read- too short and plotless. And I'm not a big fan of his poetry, of which there was not very much. But the last section, stories, was quite good and worth the read all by itself. In all, I'd recomend it, but feel free to skim.

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