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We Are In A Book! (2010)

We are in a Book! (2010)

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About book We Are In A Book! (2010)

I remember the first time I actually got around to reading We Are in a Book: it was about a week after it had come out, at the time I was working in a bookstore and ended up shelving 15 copies with several more housed in the back of the store for when we ran out of those. I’d stopped what I was doing and decided that if this book was that popular then I should probably read it – and I’m so glad I did.In this installment of the Elephant and Piggie books the dynamic due have a moment of meta-realization that they are in a book and that they are in control of the story and can make the reader say crazy things at will! As with most Elephant and Piggie books light-hearted hilarity ensues. This book is entirely fantastic – perfect for a new reader to practice reading but also for younger ones who haven’t learned, it casts a wide net for the perfect audience.As the reader we’re able to focus on Elephant and Piggie (the true stars of this story) and their ultra-meta moment. There’s no background and Willems pays particular attention to expressing emotion in these two. Pay close attention to Piggie’s eyebrows for emotional cues – they’re very clever!Gerald (Elephant’s real name) and Piggie are super engaging and break the fourth wall bringing the reader into their world and their situation. The realization that the book will eventually end is especially interesting. Not only does Gerald become emotionally invested in prolonging the story but Piggie reminds him that it can be re-read over and over creating a circuitous plot circle that allows children to pick up right at the beginning.I’ve always loved Mo Willems – he’s daring and engaging author/illustrator that’s been busy creating some amazing picture books and early-reader book and this, in my opinion is one of his most innovative books yet! This book is about Gerald, the elephant, and his friend Piggie that figure out that they are in a book. Then they notice that they are being looked at by the reader and that they have control over what the reader says, what a powerful tool. They soon are sad that the book is rapidly coming to a close, which means that they lose the power to make the reader say what they want the reader to say. The major themes of this book are humor, friends, and friendship. This book could be used to teach the adequate writing skills to children. Students can practice their writing skills by writing a similar story with themselves and a friend as the main characters. They can decide which words they would include as the funny words, and can change the ending if they want to.

Do You like book We Are In A Book! (2010)?

So stinkin creative, so fun and so perfect for kids to read themselves but also read aloud!

Very funny and I'm sure readers of all ages would enjoy it.

We can't help but laugh when we read this book at bedtime!

This is the cutest book ever.

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