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Waking Up Married (2012)

Waking Up Married (2012)

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Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Megan is in Vegas in order to attend her cousin’s wedding. After cocktails with her cousin and fellow bridesmaids, they get into a conversation about her love life. Megan has a plan; she wants to have artificial insemination. She wants a baby without the complication of having a man in her life. She is a serial “friend zone” type of dater, never able to move forward in a “love” relationship with any of them. When a little bit of liquid courage, courtesy of a few too many white chocolate martinis, and some goading by her friends, she spots a hot guy sitting by himself. Her friends get her to go over and introduce herself, and much to both her, and their, surprise, she does just that.Connor is in Vegas visiting his friend Jeff. The two are out enjoying some cocktails when Connor notices Megan. When she comes over to join him, she tries to use him as an easy out so that she can go back to her hotel room in peace. Connor though manages to convince her to spend the evening with him. They talk, finding they have a whole lot in common. They have goals; they each want a family and stability, but don’t necessarily require love to make it all happen. Several more drinks throughout the night and when Megan wakes up the next morning she sees the wedding band on her hand.Megan wants to get the marriage annulled right away however Connor is convinced that she is the woman for him. Having recently broken up with his fiancée, he sees Megan as the perfect woman and convinces her to give the relationship a trial. Unfortunately, after two months into their three-month trial, feelings start to develop and Connor begins to realize that maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. Can they get back on the same page in order to make it work out? Or is Megan doomed to finding a sperm donor in order to make her own dream of motherhood a reality?The “waking up married in Vegas after a drunken night” trope has been done a lot lately. While Waking Up Married is well written and a quick fun read, there is really nothing that sets it apart from the other books of the same type. The characters are fun, relatively well fleshed out, but again, there was nothing that really made them different from any of the other stories. There was a high predictability factor but it was a cute read. This one was cute. I liked that Conner had to talk Megan into staying married, that they could be good together. And they were until Conner realized his emotions were involved and he pulled away, which signaled the end of things for them. Megan knew things were off and did what she had to. I liked the choice that Megan made and it was interesting to see how Conner reacted. It's a good thing that Conner had a great friend in Jeff or things could have gone worse. The end was great! Conner needed the grand gesture to win Megan back.

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It was a cute short read.

3.5 stars


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