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Vrees Het Ergste (2013)

Vrees het ergste (2013)

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Well. A death so gruesome and senseless and affecting that I felt a lil nauseous? Another so quick (mid-sentence!) that it actually took me by surprise? That's one way to bring me back into the fold.It brought home the fact that all the other recent deaths and injuries in TWD have held no emotional sway for me. That certainly contributed to my lukewarm reaction to the last volume. Give me back a world where no one is safe and I can handle the repetition for a while longer. This volume from the get go was action pact and full of surprises...just as things start to look up for Rick and his group of course ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!I literally sat there and had a mind blown moment...and seriously Darius HAS to stop saying he likes people...cause they ALWAYS DIE!!!AND SERIOUSLY that was a bit of an OVERKILL just saying...WTF I knew this was coming in the comics but the way it happened was overkill.So many things happened in this volume it was hard to put my hear around it, but it was a great read.

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Amazing. Not since the fall of the prison has a volume been such a nail biter.

Great as usual. Lost a couple of my favorite characters :'(


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