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Vinte Garotos No Verão (2014)

Vinte Garotos no Verão (2014)

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About book Vinte Garotos No Verão (2014)

one of the BEST book that I've ever read. It's been months since I read it but I still want to read it all over again. Everyone can relate to the story, especially to those who had lost their special someone who until now they can't let them go and they still cherish the memories that they had with that person. You will get an emotional distress with this book but I still love it. And I adore the author. :) "I'm fine, thanks for not asking."For some reason I don't know how to put my thoughts on this one. I like it, sure, because I can somehow relate to it, but there's just something in it that makes me doubt my decision.One, I'm kind of disappointed that Frankie's parents (her Mom especially) really didn't have a clue that they were lying all along. Maybe Jayne somehow knew, and she just chose to keep her mouth shut, but it would still be nice if that part was acknowledge. Because come to think of it, parents (especially mothers) have a sixth sense when it comes to their kids; They just know.As for Frankie and Anna, I can so relate. I know how it feels breaking up with your best friend. You know, that kind of feeling that you'll never be friends again? I've been there. And yes, it was all because of miscommunication. Just like them, we became friends again. Maybe not the same as before, but we've matured separately. We respect each other now, and we know when to stay away from each other and when to give a helping hand. That, I think, is what makes me like this novel. It wasn't as great as I expected, but I like the fact that I can see a part of myself in both Frankie and Anna.

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My favourite heart break. The ultimate summer book.

The ending bumped it up for me to a four star book.


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