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Vex (2011)

Vex (2011)

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Addison Moore

About book Vex (2011)

Well this was a long book and so much has happened!!! First off this whole foursome is tiring me out. And Skyla being a constant love sick idiot is pissing me off. I get it, she cares for Gage and Logan and even Marshall here and there and I understand she feels in all her teen glory that Chole is ruining her life, but really, just because the girl is evil Skyla you go and make a deal with marshall that he can have your body for a night just to get rid of Chole from your School! How the hell does that even seem like a good decision. I mean honestly Gage has been going along with her evil plan, and yes it may have been to protect you, but you would think he would have placed more rules from the get go. And then there Logan, who idk what to think. I think he does love her and has good intentions, but really he sure does seem to be making a lot of bad decisions. Then there Marshall, I really wish he would disappear and leave Skyla alone, I mean that is just wrong to make her look bad like that with her peers and them thinking she is dating a teacher, that is awful! Cool that she got to meet her mom, bummer that skyla didn't hear out Logan from the initiation though, that is if she really would have become useless to the counts then that would have been worth it. IDK and then marshall using her to balm his temper which was the result of her accidentally killing someone. Honestly everything that Skyla has done I am surprised she is not locked up some where by now. Then there was the whole pregnancy thing, which the sad part is she really still is a virgin, but honestly I dont think she should give up her virginity any time soon, so much has happened and though she love Gage she still Logan and it will just be a bad decision to do it any time soon,but I guess she does not have to worry about that now, since Gage and Logan get killed in the end of this book!? What the heck!! That was something shocking and then theres the whole Gage says there were to get married but she has her own dream showing her having a wedding with Logan, which honestly I think she is suppose to marry Logan and Gage view was exactly what happened at the court house, not a real wedding but the judge making a joke of them. And the sad thing is, that probably all he saw and made all his life choices based off that view, which in reality is probably all wrong and was not really a wedding for them. So now idk who I want to win her heart, but I do think in the end Logan will win. Was not my favorite out the bunch I've read so far.. I did feel the story getting repetitive.. And i knw shes suppose to be 16/17 but her decision making annoyed me.. And I've read some other reviews here and most people seem to root for Gage and personally I'd rather she choose Logan I mean he got chloe off her back for the time being even though it didnt benefit him at all because it leads the way for skyla and Gage to be together.. Anyway this book did leave me curious for what happens next but it also disappointed me enough to actually take a break from the series maybe for a few days :)..

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awsome awsome awsome i love this series!!!!

Getting better and better.


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