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Víctimas (2012)

Víctimas (2012)

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About book Víctimas (2012)

Simply just not my favorite Jonathon Kellerman book. Kept my attention early but seemed to become gruesome simply for the sake of being gruesome. Bordered more on the fringes of a horror novel than a mystery and consequently lost my interest. I love a clever mystery, but when books get their attention from describing gross, dissected body parts it is time to move on. Fortunately I have read other Alex Delaware mysteries and have no intention of giving up on this author. Jonathan Kellerman one of my favorite writers, often produces a five star novel. This book, however, did not reflect the wonderful simpatico between Alex Delaware LAPD's consultant psychologist and Milo Sturgis, gay, obese and jocular homicide detective. The first two-thirds would have earned two stars based upon grisly details and depressing ambience. A disagreeable woman is murdered and mutilated post mortem; a great deal of time is spent seeking motive; however, when more bodies begin piling up with the same calling card, the two start seeking connections. A great portion of the novel is spent discussing a once-state-of the art psychiatric facility with an ominous 'specialized care unit.' However,during the last third, the book takes a deft turn as Delaware, Sturgis and LA's finest start to investigate and discover, clue, after clue. Ideas emerge as the chase begins to frenetically fast pedal to a conclusion. In the end, Kellerman manages to pull me in and keep me reading.

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I loved Jonathan Kellerman books and this again was a very good read.

I have been a Kellerman fan since 1990 -- he never lets me down!

one of his better ones. Love Dr. Alex and Lt Milo!

intriguing but ugly, heavy.

J Kellerman fan

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