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Urbat - Der Verlorene Bruder (2011)

Urbat - Der verlorene Bruder (2011)

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About book Urbat - Der Verlorene Bruder (2011)

Life for Grace Divine has been anything but perfect. Her family which used to consist of her Pastor Dad and Mum , her brother Jude , her sister Charity and baby James. Her family was perfect , they lived up to their name of the Divines. However , that all changed when her old friend Daniel turned up , hiding a dark secret that only Jude was well aware with. We soon saw that it was a fight between Jude and Daniel as we discovered that Daniel had the Werewolf gene . Jude disappeared himself turning into a wolf and in the process biting Grace which gave her the curse and in the process of it all , Grace sacrificing herself for Daniel reversed his curse. But for how long as we are about to discover in the Lost Saint. In The Lost Saint we discover a prophecy was written centuries ago about an Urbat who had the power to cure the werewolf curse and bring peace. Is Grace Divine that girl ? It seems alot of the wolves think so and we soon see Grace on the run of her life as she tries to save herself and find her brother in the process , but if she's not careful it seems that a whole lot of people are going to die in her wake. When Grace discovers the truth and it seems she does not know who to trust as none of what she has been told is matching up . Will she stay with old friends Daniel and Gabriel St Moon or will she choose the path with newfound friend and demon hunter Nathan Talbot ? Is Daniel completely cured or will a tragic accident cause the curse to re-generate and Daniel be left in wolf form forever? Find out all this and more in Book #2 "The Lost Saint". Some mild spoilers follow...I enjoyed this book as the second in the Dark Divine Series. It didn't have quite the same feel as the first book, but it was interesting to see how Grace was dealing with her new status as a werewolf. Well sort of, it seems that Grace will have all of the abilities of the wolf, but will only transform if she commits a "predatory act". Grace struggles with this a lot as she loses her good girl status as she trains with Talbot. I don't know how I feel about Talbot. This book had its fair share of twist and turns. His one sided feelings for Grace were kind of annoying at first and it was pretty obvious he had not so pure intentions about training her. But, his actions at the end changed my mind about him. Nevertheless, I still want Daniel and Grace to be together even though they both had their stupid moments throughout this book. Grace at least had the excuse of dealing with the wolf's influence. Daniel definitely should have been honest with Grace even if he did think that it may hurt her to find out the truth. I'll be interested to see how Grace and Daniel deal with their relationship now that they are left in quite a predicament. And even though I shouldn't...I'd still be interested to see Grace fully become a wolf, if only to read from that perspective. As for Jude, oh boy. I don't know what to think. It's a total 180 from the beginning of the first book. I feel bad that he surrendered to the wolf and had no one to help him, but he should never have just taken off and left his family. I have to wonder where his loyalties really lie.

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GODDAMN IT, A FUCKING LOVE TRIANGLE. Why do authors want to rip out my heart?

SO much better than the first one! And I can't help but love Talbot.


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