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Until You (2014)

Until You (2014)

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Intermix (Penguin Group (USA) LLC)

About book Until You (2014)

4.5 stars. I'm completely loving this story. "Hearing" Jared's thoughts was enlightening as well as heartbreaking. If I'd read this book first, I would have loved him much sooner. This book paints a portrait of a boy head over heels in love without the experience and emotional maturity to know what to do with those feelings. He experienced incredible pain and some pretty intense self-discovery but in the end, this book is about a boy who loves a girl with his whole heart. I gave it 4.5 stars even though I gave Bully 4.75 stars - Bully had a finite end. It was intended to be a stand-alone without future novels. However, due to fan demand (thank you fans, btw), a series was launched. So the end feels a bit incomplete because their story will continue; it just felt slightly less resolved. Not really an issue but it just lost a 1/4 point for only that reason. I appreciated getting things from Jared's POV. I remember after reading Bully that there was no way I could dive right into this story after that. Knowing how things turned out and having the back story I wasn't as affected as the first time around. There were scenes from Bully that I remembered in great detail and they honestly evoked the same emotions as if it was the first time. Overall this was a great POV that wasn't just a retelling of Bully.

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I like Jared now that I finished the book. I will always love Tate. Her monologue is the best.

jednoducho skvele :))))) ten záver, proste aaaaaw O:-)

Loved Jared's side of the story!

Aish Jared *-*


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