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Undeclared (2013)

Undeclared (2013)

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Jen Frederick

About book Undeclared (2013)

This book was ok for what it was but it was pretty lacklusterHeroine: she seemed kinda mousy for me. she pretty much let others nudge her into whatever direction they wanted (she even admits it) but then even her stand of "i'm gonna be my own person" really isnt that much of anything. she still really never manages to truly stand up for herself. overall she was kinda boring she had none of the things i really look for in a heroine.Hero: overall ok. he was sweet and protective but the over jealousy thing was a huge turn off. also the explanation for why he wrote her off originally was really lame. oh i wasnt good enough for you because your family is rich? no bull! hes a freaking marine give the boy some PTSD and make it interesting!Romance: the two were good together in the day to day but in the big picture they made no sense. he shows up after 2 years with a lame excuse which she accepts. ok fine. then theyre together for how long? i literally couldnt get any sense of the time frame here. and essentially all they're doing is having sex i dont see any scenes where they discuss their relationship or get to know each other like real adults do. then out of nowhere a random fight over something stupid breaks them up? then 2 days later its i love yous? jeeze ive got whiplash over here. i just wanted it to be a little more realistic, get to know each other...have drama that actually makes sense and isnt just a clear plot device to create friction...make up like adults not children who lost their favorite toy for a week.Sex: eh ok but nothing to write home about. pretty steamy overall but i think the surrounding parts detracted alot from my enjoyment of it.Plot: it had potential but it was vastly underdeveloped. the author picked a plot line with SOOOO many options for great tension but picks the most lackluster ones at each turn. i kept waiting for something really interesting to happen then i saw the end as was like...well that was kind of a waste. even the actual fight scenes arent that engaging. i just wanted more at every turn (and not in a good way)Writing: spelling/grammar was i didnt notice mistakes. However the majority of the writing ranged from mediocre to a tad juvenile. nothing interesting was developed enough to really turn this into a story. actually as im writing this im wondering how she managed to fill so many pages when so little of it had any importance. i think im being harsh on this because she did pick a storyline that could have gone so many places but it feels like she took the safe route and ended up with something boring that read more like a diary than a story that whisks you away from the real world.Bottom line: alot of potential that wasnt recognized. i dont think id recommend this one but if this is an earlier work by this author i might check out some newer ones down the road once she has more experience Ok I really did like this book, it was surprising and a bit different. I will admit I wanted a bit more romance I think and I also wanted for the two main characters to be a but closer? I don't know if that's the right word or not though. But I did like it and I loved Noah and grace together they were cute, but they took their time getting and staying together which I think could have been better.

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A good concept, but I just couldn't get into it.2.5 stars.

Sweet love story. Sexy and emotional. Great book!

Not a massive fan of YA

good little love story

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