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Una Ragazza Da Tiffany (2010)

Una ragazza da Tiffany (2010)

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8854504521 (ISBN13: 9788854504523)
Neri Pozza

About book Una Ragazza Da Tiffany (2010)

I definitely have become a fan of Ms Vreeland! This is the third audio book I've listened to of, and in each one, I've learned so much. I would never have known about Clara Driscoll except that I listened to this book. It was very interesting to be able to visualize life in NYC in the early 1900s, to feel the sights and sounds, and to learn about women of that period. From my own life, living through "women's lib" and knowing how far "we've come," it was enlightening to know what women were doing before my generation (and even my mother's generation) came to the scene.It was also interesting to learn about Louis Comfort Tiffany and the business and art of decorative glass. What a fascinating person he was. Before this novel, I knew only the name and the beautiful glass works that are still held up as the standard for fine art glass. Great read! I was disappointed in this book. It went into far too much boring detail about each project to the expense of explaining relationships with people and what she did in relationships. I kept waiting to turn a page and see what she did for the under paid women who worked for Mr. Tiffany. I thought she organized the women and got them some rights, but they never materialized. She only stood up for others when it benefitted her.

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Somewhat predictable ending, but Clara was admirable in all the important ways.

Enjoyable read once I got into it. Beginning was a bit boring

Enjoyed the historical references to NYC and surounds

Great history. Great story.

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