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Una Pasión Vintage (2012)

Una pasión vintage (2012)

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About book Una Pasión Vintage (2012)

I don't often give out 5 stars to books, but this one earned it for me. A wonderful story about vintage clothing woven with stories of love, loss and redemption. The characters are true to life and easily likable. The stories never drag and you are sadden when reach the last because you want continue knowing what happens with Phoebe, Dan and the shop. I definitely will be seeking out other books by this author. I picked up this book because I love vintage clothing and it seemed like a cute. light hearted romance. I was wrong! This book touched upon some very real and difficult subjects. I loved the way it weaved in the history of an old women and her experience with World War II and how it affected her life after that. Even the main character was struggling to understand a horrible situation that happened in her past. This book was about finding out how to live for yourself and I would definitely read more of Isabel Wolff's novels.

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Sweet story about loss and redemption. Learned a lot about vintage clothing too!

Worth a read! Easy reading and a good story.

Cute story!

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