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Uma Casa De Família (2013)

Uma Casa de Família (2013)

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About book Uma Casa De Família (2013)

4.75*. I deduct .25 only because I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the ending. No spoilers in review below. Fantastic book, one of my favorite of the year so far. I'm looking forward to checking out other books by this author to see the others are nearly as good.The story is so good - some history, some romance, some family drama. The day-to-day hardships of war. And yet despite the many trials Elise faces, the book is not overwhelmingly dreary. The descriptions in the book add so much to it. They aren't too long but they bring the environment alive, making it clear why Elise misses Vienna so much, why she's so in love with the sea surrounding Tyneford, and why she adores the house itself. The characterizations of the people are also perfect at bringing them to life. Regarding the ending, which I deducted .25* for, this is still not a spoiler. I'm critical of endings I find to be too convenient. This book could've taken several turns that I'm glad it didn't at the end. And of course given the war circumstances, convenience was often necessity. So I didn't hate the ending. I just don't know that I loved it. I'm not sure what else I would've preferred in its place. It was the first time I read something from this author and I liked a lot of her writing.I loved this book, not only because it is a historical novel, but by the story itself.It is about a young Jewish girl, Elise Landau, who is forced to leave her privileged life of high society and her family to escape the occupation of Austria by the Nazis.When she arrives in England, she have to serve as a maid in an English mansion.

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Very clever twists to a brilliant plot; I loved the way it wove the past & the present together

Enjoyed the beginning...okay, even the middle...not the ending I would have chosen. Oh Kit!

Couldn't put this down! Excellent plot and description.

Lovely story

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