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Uglies, The Collector's Set (2009)

Uglies, The Collector's Set (2009)

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1416971203 (ISBN13: 9781416971207)
Simon Pulse

About book Uglies, The Collector's Set (2009)

I made it through book three in this four book "trilogy" and just can't stomach reading any more. I'm just so sick of Tally-wa and Shay-la and all of their bubbly and icy speak that I'm totally hurly-making. Maybe if I hadn't read them so quickly it wouldn't be this horrible? Book one was a definite keeper. After that, they fell apart- mostly because of the annoying pretty-speaking that they do. I will be totally amazing-missing by skipping the last book, probably, but it's a chance I'm willing to take. I read all 4 books within 2 weeks. The story was very gripping and the first three books had me reading every free moment. The fourth book was a lot slower and seemed like an add on, not really necessary to the story.While I liked the story there were some elements that bothered me a lot; the whole idea of plastic surgery and being an "ugly" until you are 16 was one. Partying all the time and with no other purpose was another. Other themes made me question what is best for mankind... If everyone looked the same would there be less contention? Is that kind of what we are going for with school uniforms? I strongly believe in thinking for yourself and standing up for what you believe in, but does it have to include disrespecting authority and putting yourself in danger?In short, I recommend reading these books, but I will not keep them for my girls to read as they grow up.

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I enjoyed this series. I like the message it sends about beauty being different for everyone.

ALL AMAZING but for Extras. Extras was weird....

Absolutely terrible.


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