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Trí Tuệ Giả Tạo (2010)

Trí Tuệ Giả Tạo (2010)

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About book Trí Tuệ Giả Tạo (2010)

I've read a number of books on this topic of late, but this is definitely the most balanced and valuable. A great history of knowledge and learning joins with a lot of carefully explained science of the brain to ask some really important questions and provide at least some answers. Anyone who has been thinking about how the internet has changed the way you read or think or feel should read this. Honestly, for most people that I know, while this isn't the BEST book you'll read this year, it has the potential to be the MOST IMPORTANT book you will read in coming to understand yourself and the world you've been tossed into. Fascinating book. Learned much about the how we learn, how we remember, and how plastic our brains are. Great perspective on the tradeoffs for us when we embrace new technologies.When reading books started people did not read to themselves they read out loud: "Silent reading was largely unknown in the ancient world. The new codices, like the tablets and scrolls that proceeded them, were almost always read aloud, whether the reader was in a group or alone." (p 60) Early examples of authors changed by the technology they use include Nietzsche who began using a typewriter because of his failing vision. "One of Nietzsche's closest friend, the writer and composer Heinrich Koselitz, noticed a change in the style of his writing. Nietzsche's prose had become tighter, more telegraphic." (p 18)I recommend this book to everyone.

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Read it for the research and materials rather than the thinking and writing. 3.5 stars

DNF. Didn't want to fall asleep at the wheel. Honk shoo honk shoo honk shoo.

May's book club book. ...interesting read, but did some skimming.

Fascinating read, well-documented. Very convincing.

Significant book, really well written.

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