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Tower Lord (2014)

Tower Lord (2014)

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0425265625 (ISBN13: 9780425265628)
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About book Tower Lord (2014)

I am always on the look out for stories with an original magic system. I love learning the rules and watching how story unfold around the limitations. Without praising the story and character (that will come later) The Ravens Shadow delivers on originality with Tower Lord bringing me immense satisfaction on the limitation and exploitation of that magic or gifts as it is used in the story. character: Mr Ryan expands from one perspective to four in his sequel. I was initially worried that it would go the way of GOT and I'd be wading through characters I hate or found Boring to get to the storyline I card about. Not the case. I constantly found myself immediately engrossed in each new chapter. Yaaystory: this book took a coming of age story and ramped it up, pushed our heros to their breaking points, and left me wondering how they'll ever over come what's to come next.Read this thing, but read Blood Song first or else you'll find yourself struggling to catch up to who the characters are and why you care. You'll care so much! The 2nd book effect strikes. It is usually tough to follow up an astounding debut with a great book 2 and thats what happens here. For large parts, the book can be described as, well, Boring. Ryan's easy style of writing keeps you going and there is some payoff towards the end. The biggest problem is moving the book from a 1 PoV style to 4. That kind of slows the book down when all you want to do is follow Vaelin as in Blood Song. A couple of characters are put majorly through the grinder. The comparison set has moved. While 1st book was more Kingkiller than anything, this one has moved far past it

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I'm a little bit disappointed with this book. It was all over the place.

Love this author. Can't wait for the third book.

2nd in series. Wow! I want the 3rd book, now!

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