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Tough Customer - Kesempatan Kedua (2010)

Tough Customer - Kesempatan Kedua (2010)

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About book Tough Customer - Kesempatan Kedua (2010)

Berry Malone is ambitious, smart, beautiful, and terrified. Someone she knows just tried to kill her at her mother’s lakeside home. Oren Starks has been stalking her for months, but it’s no longer all about trying to win Berry’s heart – he’s out for her blood. Not only did Berry cold-heartedly blow him off, but she’s linked to his being fired as well. Oren plans to see her die.Caroline King, Berry’s mother, is a successful realtor with a troubled past. Part of that trouble is Berry’s father – not the one Berry grew up with, but her birth father, a man Berry has never seen or met. With Berry’s life at risk, Caroline turns to a man she believed she never wanted or expected to see again.Dodge Hanley is as tough a customer as an ex-cop can come. He may work as a private investigator for a high-society lawyer, but he’s rough, rude, and still beating himself up for the loss of Caroline and the daughter he saw for a few minutes through the glass of a hospital nursery window. When Caroline calls him out of the blue, needing help, he almost refuses, but the chance to see her and his now-grown child are too strong, even if Berry won’t know who he is while he’s on the case.Oren Starks is a psychotic killer with near-genius intelligence. He’s got half of Texas looking for him, but he’s far more than one step ahead of this game, and that’s Oren’s specialty – games. He’s playing Berry and everyone else for all he’s worth, and the only prize he’s after is Berry’s life.Ski Nyland is a former soldier turned Deputy Sheriff. His relatively peaceful town is turned inside-out by the attack on Berry Malone and her “friend,” and the ensuing trail of death and destruction that follows the elusive Oren Starks. With a crusty, obstinate retired cop (Dodge) tossed into the mix, Ski has far more drama on hand than he wants. What he does find that he wants, though, is tall red-headed Berry, whose very presence has him exerting as much self-control as he ever needed in his tour of duty in Afghanistan. It doesn’t help his focus on tracking down the maniacal Starks to know that the fire she’s ignited within him is burning just as hot inside of her, too.“Tough Customer” is a deadly serious game of cat-and-mouse from the first page to the last, with enough twists and turns to keep the outcome just out of reach until the final chapter. If you are looking for a mystery that makes you think with unique characters and an unpredictable plot line, this "ain't" it! Dodge is the smoking, drinking hard-bitten, surly detective that tells it like it is. He couldn't remain in law enforcement because he couldn't follow the rules, (just like so many other novels out there). I never read Sandra Brown before so I didn't know what to expect. I have a long drive to work so I thought I would give the audio book a try. This is a beach read I guess.

Do You like book Tough Customer - Kesempatan Kedua (2010)?

easy read, typical of these series. predictable in some ways but I liked it overall.

If I could give the book a rating of 10 stars, I would!

Good book, love,love,love the reader!

It was a good book

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