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Touch Of Power (2011)

Touch of Power (2011)

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Disappointing. Maybe because I read two books by the same author back to back, I could pick up on dislikes more in the second book. I read Poison Study and like it. Enough to read the second in that series? Probably not. Enough to start a new series (with higher ratings) by the same author with high hopes? Yes. This time I did notice the authors annoying writing qualities... a lot of telling rather than showing, which left me emotionally disconnected from the characters. The plot was good enough, perhaps even less predictable than Poison Study, but the writing leaves something to be desired. It is simplistic writing a best. At worst it is just not good. I felt like things were often summed up, rolled together, or left ambiguous simply because the author couldn't pull certain elements together or didint actually know how to write the necessary dialogue. The romantic connection/tention/attraction between Avry and Kerrick? Terrible. Kerrick's an emotional stone wall, Avry feels something for him--but who knows why. And even what small glimps you get at her feelings, there is no connection between them that builds up to a believable romantic relationship. I mean, you know its going to happen, but you can't feel it. Then all of a sudden at the very end they finally hook up and its the biggest let down ever. This is a fantasy book with a female lead character. With my initial judgement of the book by its cover, I was expecting this to be, as Fred Savage said in The Princess Bride, a "Kissing Book". In fact, I likely would have pre-judged this book as not one I would be interested in had a friend of mine not convinced me to read other books by this author and I ended up enjoying them.Yes this is a kissing book, just about as much as The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher would be a kissing book. It is there, but it does not dominate the story. Rather the story is dominated by the adventure and the injuries, lots and lots of injuries that take place during the main character's unwanted adventure.I thought the author wrote a wonderful book and I certain plan on someday reading its sequel.

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really enjoyed this book and series. I couldn't put it down

If you liked adventures and magic you will enjoy this!

Absolutely intriguing, love it!!!

it's funny

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