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Touch Blue (2010)

Touch Blue (2010)

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0545035317 (ISBN13: 9780545035316)
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About book Touch Blue (2010)

One of FL's SSYRA books written by a Newbery author, it is an excellent choice for dealing with the feelings of belonging, both within a tight-knit fishing/island community & within foster care. As a former Guardian ad Litem & adoptive parent of teens from our foster care system, it opens up the opportunity for discussion with teens. A chance to teach, listen, & correct the misconceptions that exist in people's minds regarding foster care, as I quickly found out with my Fifth grade after-school book club.Touch Blue shows that life does not merely run on luck. This is a nice little book about a family living on an island off the coast of Maine. Their island has been through some big changes in the past year and now, because so many people have moved, the mom of the narrator is about to lose her job as a teacher because there aren't enough kids to support the school. The town comes up with an idea that if they bring in foster kids, they will be able to keep the school and help the foster kids. So a 13 year old boy comes to live with her family. It's not the easiest thing and everyone ends up making some changes.

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good book a book that will make you cry and have heartwarming adventure

This is a book about tips but do all those things really matter

Eh. Foster kids are a lot more complicated than this.

Rated G/PG.

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