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Tommy Taylor Et L'identité Factice (The Unwritten - Entre Les Lignes, #1) (2011)

Tommy Taylor et l'identité factice (The Unwritten - Entre les lignes, #1) (2011)

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About book Tommy Taylor Et L'identité Factice (The Unwritten - Entre Les Lignes, #1) (2011)

I didn't know what this was. I just knew that people liked it. I knew it was a series that had many issues. I had read some of Carey's other work, but wasn't too blown away.This blew me away.I love it and love that I wasn't expecting it. That's the best. When you don't know it's going to hit you.Wasn't too big of a fan of the prose though.However, I love any story about how stories are magic. Tom Taylor leads a life not quite his own. He is the son of a writer behind an immensely popular but completely ridiculous fantasy series with a familiar protagonist: a young, glasses-wearing wizard who battles a bald evil count (yes, touche)-, modeled after the author's unfortunate son himself. Tom's father has been gone for years, leaving his son living off the book royalties and attending fan conventions he detests.The last thing he needs is a stalking nut job who thinks he's Tommy Taylors nemesis Count Ambrosio(...). But what at first appears to be a case of dangerous stalking gets even odder when Tom is faced with the ultimate question of his existence. There are no valid records of his childhood. And even his memories are hazy on his past. When fantasy aspects of the Tommy Taylor books start appearing in Tom's life his reality breaks down completely. At the same time religious sects and fanatic activist groups are beginning to build a holy war around his presumed magical nature; the media goes wild."The Unwritten" opens with a solid, extremely readable volume that takes a bunch of completely goofy ideas and uses them with innovation, smarts and a healthy dose of tasteful self-irony. There's a bit too much camp for me to really get into this at this point, but I have a hunch that if I continue on I'll start to really like it, despite all the fantasy elements I usually deeply detest, serious or ironic.

Do You like book Tommy Taylor Et L'identité Factice (The Unwritten - Entre Les Lignes, #1) (2011)?

An intriguing concept but is slow to get going. Owes a great debt to Sandman and Constantine.

Good premise, fair story, interesting path really 3.5 stars for me.

I can't wait to plow through as much of this series as possible.

Pretty good but really want to see where this is going

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