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To Win Her Love (2015)

To Win Her Love (2015)

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Oh, this was fun. Smart woman with secrets coming up against the pro football player with baggage with a couple of cute kids and a crazy collie sandwiched between them – what’s not to love? I really liked Gracie. She’s a smart woman who’s worked hard to get where she is and who desperately wants to look after her nieces. She’s understandably protective of them at the beginning, but I love that she never tries to stand in Jake’s way when it comes to him getting to know them. As I said, she’s smart, but she’s also caring and fun, and her dog Murphy is brilliant.At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like Jake. Not only did he use the traditional troll fall back of making personal remarks about a woman’s appearance when losing an argument on the internet, but his initial thoughts and behaviour towards Gracie really did not endear him to me. He’s arrogant and entitled and wrong. However, he did improve as the book progressed. I loved seeing him getting to know the twins and the way he gradually won Gracie over was nice too. The pair of them make a good team and I enjoyed watching their relationship progress.Or rather, I did, until they slept together for the first time and then the plot took a massive time jump and basically ignored that side of things for a prolonged period. After the sweet initial build up to their relationship, I found the time jumps a bit of a jolt, if I’m honest, and much though I loved Gracie’s best friend Max (even more than Jake), it might have been nice to have had more Gracie/Jake scenes than ones where Max steals the show.However, I did like the way Gracie’s secret unfurled. I narrowed it down fairly early on to two candidates, but just when I thought I knew for certain, something would come up that made me question again. It’s cleverly handled right up until the reveal and add that to the too-cute ending and I found myself thoroughly enjoying this read.If you like a romance with a hint of sporting prowess, a touch of heat and a couple of cute kids thrown in as a bonus, then you can’t go far wrong with this. It’s fun and flirty in all the right places and has a lovely romance at the heart of it all. A perfect pick-me-up after a rough day. I look forward to seeing where the series heads next.(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review.Gracie and Jake were great lead characters and they had the chemistry necessary to make them believable as a fictional couple. Yes, there were moments that the two didn't think highly of each other, but the undeniable attraction was there from the beginning, something that grated on them because of the distrust and dislike. There were silly antics that the two would employ in order push the other's buttons. I liked the tension between the two of them and it was good to see their relationship develop over time instead of rushing into it and their living in the same house had them on faster pace compared to how long it would have taken had they been living separately. Even when they became a couple, there was Gracie's secret standing in the way and when it finally came out in the open, my heart couldn't help but break alongside hers and I seriously wanted to smack Jake upside the head for how he treated her afterward.This book had a good cast of supporting characters--from Jake's twin sisters, Angel and Charlie Thompson, to Jake's and Gracie's respective best friends, Victoria "V" Price and Max Grayson, plus Kevin "Tuck" Tucker, Jake's teammate and fellow man candy, and Murphy, Gracie's dog--with each one proving to be as memorable as lead characters Jake and Gracie. I'm sure Tuck will get his own story told in the series and I hope the same for Max and V, whether separately or together. This was a story about finding family in the most unlikely of circumstances and trusting in the person that you love and it was told in an entertaining yet still heartwarming manner. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future installments in the Players series and would more than recommend To Win Her Love to anyone who loves sports-related romances with humor and heart. Perfect for a weekend read, I'm giving this first in a series 4.5 stars, rounded off to five stars. ♥

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Awesome read! This one hit a lot of my emotional buttons! It was funny at times, sad at others, and a great story all around. I can't wait to read more from this new to me author. Great writing style and a nice pace to the story.Grace is feisty, protective, and a pretty amazing woman. She's had some rough times. She lost her sister to cancer then her brother-in-law also dies, leaving six year old twin girls in need of a family. Grace has no problem stepping up and taking care of the girls. The problem? Six foot four football superstar Jake Malone! Jake never had a relationship with his father. Now he suddenly finds himself responsible for his two younger sisters. The real kicker. He has to share that responsibility with Grace for the next three months!!!This is one I highly recommend.
—Bette Hansen

“Gridiron Girl” meets the “Outlaw” and do sparks fly?? Not the kind one would think.Gracie Gable, the “Gridiron Girl”, is a female blogger who discusses football: game predictions, stats and the players. Gracie’s sister, Sarah helped raise Gracie when their mother died and there had never been a known father. Now Sarah haspassed with a promise that Gracie help take care of her twin girls.The “ Outlaw” is football player, Jake Malone. He is a Casanova and always involved in awkward situations.When Gracie’s brother-in-law, Pete Thompson, dies, Gracie thinks she will be named guardian over the twins but his will surprises all!!!!Turns out Jake is Pete’s son. So under the terms of the will, Gracie and Jake need to live at the Thompson Farm for three months and both raise the twins together. After the time period is up, custody will be awarded.Oh my….how will this work out? Will Jake discover who the “ Gridiron Girl” is? Will Jake be able to handle two six year old half sisters and Gracie? Will Gracie be able to ward off Jake’s advances? Was Jake the only secret one in the bookto discover who his father was? Will Jake and Gracie learn to trust each other? Who will end up as guardian of the twins?The characters were well defined. There was undeniable chemistry between the main characters plus humorous shenanigans happening. The secondary characters were engaging bringing their own flavor to the story.The story was an unique one. The author weaved together the past and present without difficulty which made it flow effortlessly.The plot had many twists, turns and surprises. The dog in the story, Murphy adds to the excitement of the story!!!!This book is a clever, witty, unpredictable, humorous and romantic read.Thank you to Net Gallery for this eBook. My opinion is my own.

I really loved this book. Gracie's dog Murphy, antics were hilarious. The humor drew me in this book, but the whole story sucked me in. Gracie and Jake are deemed enemies now they must live in the same house for three months to help two grieving little girls. It was something to see Jake blossom under the love of those little girls plus add Gracie into the mix. Jake is more than his reputation and his jock status, but does he even realize it? Gracie is hiding a big secret that could impact the football world and she will do anything to make sure it stays hidden. Too bad for her her secret might just come out and will it cost her a future with Jake? I loved this kickoff to the Players series. I highly recommend giving this one a shot you won't be disappointed.
—Nicole Smith

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