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Tünékeny Illúziók (2013)

Tünékeny illúziók (2013)

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963635457X (ISBN13: 9789636354572)
I.P.C. Könyvek

About book Tünékeny Illúziók (2013)

I think this book's biggest problem is that it's being marketing as "just like Jane Austen but with magic." It has an alternative Regency setting and is clearly influenced by her, but it's not Jane Austen. Only Jane Austen is Jane Austen. After the first couple of pages, I set aside any comparison of the two and enjoyed the story. The romance could have been a little bit better developed, but it was fun, and the world building was interesting (though the way they talked about glamour reminded me of modern tech talk sometimes and threw me out of the setting). 2.5 stars. This book did something that annoys the hell out of me in modern books written about the regency: using shew instead of show etc etc. It doesn't make sense because the rest of the language doesn't match. Also, the characters in this book were insanely derivative of Austen. It could easily have been fanfiction, in fact. I'm rounding up because I think the romance had a lot of potential. I thought the ending was rushed considering how subtly the issue was handled for the rest of the book, but I was rooting for the romantic pairing that won and it did keep me reading.Overall, this book was just fine. Aggressively fine, in fact. It had a lot of potential, but the writing was sedate, the characters cardboard, and the fantasy element not fleshed out enough for this to be as good as I wanted. I might check out the other books in the series (I had no idea this was a series until I added it to my currently reading shelf, and I'm shocked considering how tied up the end was), but I don't feel compelled to read more from this author.

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it was ok. I felt the authors presence too much. the storyline was only ok.

Not what I expected, but fine for a train, I guess.

Hank Green told me to read this book. So I did.

Jane Austen meets Philip Pullman. I approve.

This was very fun!

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