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Time Between Us (2012)

Time Between Us (2012)

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About book Time Between Us (2012)

To be honest I wasn't what excited to read this. Just picked it put at my school library because I just finished a book and needed something new. There was no recommendations, haven't even heard about it, the cover just looked pretty.From the start I knew it was not my cup of tea. The book written in present tense was something new to me and I wasn't sure I would like it. I didn't really; through out reading the book, it my head I automatically changed the words to paste tense as I was always used to reading books that were written in the past but as I read on I slowly adapted to it.I really enjoyed the pot of the book. I found the story really interested and a new perspective on time travel, the rules intrigued me and at the same time gave a feeling that even when gifted with such a power, Bennett would be careless. At times I found the story a bit confusing and slacking as it took me longer than usual to finish.Additionally, sadly I felt as if there was something missing to the characters, that one little spark.I had a hard time picturing them which sure made the reading harder. However, there was a true verity of vivid and lively individual personalities jumping out to all get their moments which I found great. I must add that the the ending was just what I was hoping for! It was adorable and well deserved for Anna. Overall, I think it is a good book. Nothing amazing but if you are looking for a cute romance with an interesting plot do give it a try. I'm so happy i read this book (i love you ale) i like how the author makes you understand you cant play with the time, even if is a book, even if is just a story theres something coming, consecuences. The example they did with emma and justin car accident was really good, theres nothing bad thats not coming with something good. The only thing that got me mad, but is good because every person has a deffect, is that anna got too mad for things she could understand and that she shouldn't have begged bennett to use his gift with emma and justin, she make him do it, but i understand when you see your best friend since forever in that position you're obviously react like that... i loved this book and i don't regret reading it.

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I loved this book so much. It was so romantic and sweet. I would definitely recommend it

This was a cute love story.



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