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Tidal (2000)

Tidal (2000)

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I liked Tidal quite a bit more than the Devoured series. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting it to be, especially after reading the Devoured series, but I was happy for the differences. I liked Willow a lot, I liked that she maintained her sobriety after crashing and burning as many times as she had before. I could feel her vulnerability and how lost and alone she was, even though her actress, media-created persona showed a party girl just waiting for the next big party. She knew she was out of chances, and without her favorite anesthetics had to face some uncomfortable truths. I also enjoyed Cooper. I liked that he seemed to have a love/hate relationship with Willow from their first meeting. He wasn't bowled over by her looks, her celebrity, the "package". This book didn't rock my world, but it was worth my time to read. An enjoyable diversion. 3.5Stars Started slow for me,so slow I actually fell asleep around 28% ...but picked up.Willow has been acting since she was a child. She fell into the Hollywood scene became the subject of top Hollywood gossip with her partying ways. After leaving her rehab facility for the second time in two years, she is told by her agent that they are meeting a producer for a movie. Starting work immediately does not bode well with Willow, but she also knows that she is broke and needs the work. She learns that she will be remaking a popular 80's surfer movie Tidal . Before filming starts she must learn how to surf from one of the best surf coaches around, Cooper Taylor. From the first time they meet, there is some chemistry. Working together tensions rise and they are both hiding secrets.Cooper is the type of guy every girl should be dying to have. He's got that bad-boy attitude but such nice guy qualities. He'sjust....whew...yeah.Willow,Where do I start with her? She's definitely got some issues to work through, but I think that what instantly drew me to her character was that she wasn't portrayed as this naive stuck-up, holier than thou A-lister. She was real for me in the sense that I wasn't constantly feeling like I needed to throat punch her. I got her right away.Loved Eric and Paige and their humor. Miller was so loyal, I would have liked to see more of him at the end. I felt like he was there and then he was forgotten.

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THIS BOOK IS PERFECT.I can't stop crying. He's perfect, Cooper is SO PERFECT.

Очень милый роман!

Light summer read.

Great book!!!

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