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Three Year Rule (2013)

Three Year Rule (2013)

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I enjoyed this story but the editing was obvious by red marks and half the time I disagreed with it. My copy had many mistakes in it, too many to bother marking on my kindle. The author also struggled with inconsistencies. For example, the name of the son changed back and forth throughout the book, then the main character was previously married but later she never married. The book takes place primarily in Utah somewhere, which was cool. The author never places the characters in a particular town. By the end of the book I was able to pin point a state when previously I thought they were in Idaho or Wyoming. There is mention of Utah General Hospital which I got a laugh about since there is no such hospital. The premise of the book is about a psychologist turned author that only believes in marriage after three years of dating. The book goes into her reasons but the characters ability to think like a psychologist bugged me. She came off as a fake. *shrugs*Overall, the story was okay. I figured out the stalker very early on which was kind of a bummer. I probably wouldnt recommend this book because of the editing problems, assuming they were not fixed in the kindle version, which is my version. If this book is free then try it but dont bother purchasing it from Amazon, it wasnt that good. Lastly, I hate the cover. Content: The book is clean, at least in my opinion. There are no sex scenes but the characters become naked. There is one. "F" bomb. There is animal violence and talk of animal abuse. Book showed a lot of promise, that it didn't deliver fully was unfortunate. Storyline was OK. Plot felt rushed though, and I didn't relate to the characters on an emotional level. Sadly even the physical stuff was lacking, it wasn't nearly descriptive enough. Found myself skipping the pages. But I'd like to say, if you want to write contemporary romance, be prepared to go down and dirty with the sex scenes or write something else. Romance without the steaminess is like cake without the icing on top. Just sayin...

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it was okay. only took an hour and a half to read. nothing great, but a good freebie read

If give this 3.5 stars It was a good story but at times i found it to be confusing

Is a great book to read

Amazon Freebie 8/28/13

A fun mystery.

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