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Threat Vector (2012)

Threat Vector (2012)

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0399160450 (ISBN13: 9780399160455)
Putnam Adult

About book Threat Vector (2012)

Clancy is back. I must admit when he first did a Jack Ryan JR novel I felt like it was not worthy of Tom Clancy's pedigree.It seemed to have a rushed ending and a stopping point that was not like him but more like what you would expect from one of the Lord of the rings movies, come back next year for the next installment.I stopped reading him for a while, but it being Tom Clancy I had to come back to it.And over the last three books he has gotten back to his stride, I know it says it is co-written, but I can not see it.This seems like Tom Clancy.Oh and on a side note, This MR Clive Cussler, is how you treat can respectfully right about a foreign nation being an enemy and not rely on stereotypes. I've seen some Clancy movies, but this is the first of his books that I've read. I must say, I loved this book. It had a great mix of politics, military information, modern technology, and suspense. It didn't drag uncomfortable situations out for longer than needed -- choosing instead to have those moments give way to other tension. I listened to the unabridged audiobook, and Lou Diamond Phillips' narration was smooth and on-point. My only criticisms there - his foreign accents were sometimes significantly far from the nationality of his characters. And, there were no breaks when changing scenes from one group of characters to others in a different location within the same chapter. It was mildly confusing at first but easily recovered. I can't wait until my next Clancy tome.

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