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Thinking, Fast And Slow (2010)

Thinking, Fast and Slow (2010)

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0374275637 (ISBN13: 9780374275631)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

About book Thinking, Fast And Slow (2010)

A very good book, that misses being a great one. The problem here is an author cramming way way way too much research into way way way too many chapters, and not focusing on a few broader themes that elegantly link the material. In other words, this book needed a more aggressive editor. I can imagine that there are few capable of taking on a Nobel prize winning academic, but that was what was called for. There are some marvelous anecdotes about working for the Israeli military or Israeli education ministry, and some interesting behind the scenes discussions of where ideas came from for some of his best academic publications. And of course, the ideas themselves are almost unfailingly captivating. But I contrast this book with Nudge, which Kahneman cites, and that is both a better read, and a more useful popularization of some (nowhere near all) of the same research. If you, like me, were using this book for a policy course, immediately switch to Nudge. But as a one volume introduction to decision science and behavioral economics, this book rocks. Brilliant book!! If you're looking to dive deep into how you think, then this is the book. It really makes you question a wide range of topics and decisions that we make day-to-day that seem obvious. Many times we can be completely off and for explainable reasons. I've already changed my approach to interviewing people and playing the stock market.One of the few must read, 5 star books on my self.

Do You like book Thinking, Fast And Slow (2010)?

After reading this, you will never look at the world the same way.

Economist extraordinaire is all I will say.

A very enjoyable read.



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