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Think Twice (2010)

Think Twice (2010)

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0312380755 (ISBN13: 9780312380755)
St. Martin's Press

About book Think Twice (2010)

Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline is full of unbelievable cruelty from Bennie Rosato’s identical twin, Alice, who was raised in foster care and made a mess of her life. Bennie is a successful attorney who owns her own firm but when she accepts a dinner invitation from Alice, she wakes up in a box buried alive! Alice goes on to impersonate her twin and take over her life in the hopes of getting a new start. It’s hard to believe anyone could really be this cruel, and I even wonder how authors can think up this stuff. The book has plenty of action including gun play, chase scenes and even some sweetness tossed in for good measure. I found myself thinking, “Oh, wow!” over and over as Alice continued to be a real piece of work in making her sister’s life miserable.Although Think Twice isn’t realistic at all, I enjoyed reading it because I wanted to see Alice get caught—she was so bad! I really liked Bennie’s boyfriend, Grady, and her co-worker, Judy, but thought the psychic cousin made this seem more like fantasy than real life. The ending was pretty good with a bit of a surprise thrown in which I liked! This book showed me how important it is to keep any written passwords away from my computer—I’m going to move mine!(Karen's review)Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline is about identical twin girls, but other than looks, they are very different! When the one twin does unspeakable acts to the other, this novel takes off! Think Twice is really good with plenty of action and a great ending. (Gerard's review) Lisa Scottoline had me going from Chapter 1! No Lisa don't ease me into the lives of these characters with filler noooo. Right from the start let the roofies dissolve!!I thoroughly enjoyed this book!It was hard to put down at times! I had to remind myself to do my work.I hated the fact that Alice got away. I was shooting her square in the forehead and making sure she saw ot and me coming and let it be over with....She caused way too much grief.But I understand why Fiorella didn't let Bennie do it...blah blah blah. Alice would have deserved it.Thank you Ms. Scottoline for those 1 page chapters! It made it a bit easier for me to put down the book after saying "just 1 more chapter".I will disagree with the synopsis at the back a bit, where it said "But Alice underestimates Bennie and the evil she has unleashed..." I wouldn't go right to evil. If my twin buried me alive (she didn't even have the decency to kill me, she wanted me to suffer first) in a box in the ground by all means she should be killed...turn about is fair play!No second chances after that...Really exciting novel! I should read the rest in the Rosato & Associates series.

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Just couldn't get into it... The charcters, the story... Just not my thing.

A quick listen, not original, but like comfort food.

Pure entertainment, lots of twists and turns.

3 1/2

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