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There You'll Find Me (2011)

There You'll Find Me (2011)

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1595545409 (ISBN13: 9781595545404)
Thomas Nelson Publishers

About book There You'll Find Me (2011)

This is a great book!!It is a really good romance book, but yet it doesn't go too far. It starts out as a girl (Finley) going to retrace her brothers steps. Her brother was killed by some people, as he was teaching school to kids, in another country. She goes as a foreign exchange student to Ireland. She meets Beckett Rush on the plane. When she gets to Ireland she goes to the family's house that she is living with. A couple days later Beckett shows up at this families house. After that Finley and Beckett start seeing each other around. At one point Beckett asks her to help him go over his lines for a movie. Beckett admits to Finley that he doesn't like what he does, and the bad name that he has. He tells her his dad set him up with his date and got him into all of this. He admits the truth to her, and then he tells his dad that he needs a break so he can get away from all of the movie business. Read the book to find out the rest, it is a really good book. One of the most amazing books I have read in a while. I started out looking for a typical YA novel with romance and problems and happy endings, but what I found in it is so different that I cant help but rate the book 5 stars. In only for once people just stopped highlighting the love story part of this book and saw it as the story of Finlay this book would just make so much more sense. This is a story of a girl. A girl who is looking for a way out from the loss and pain and guilt of losing a brother. Finlay wants to find the missing piece of her life, she is somehow looking to find a way to fill up the gaps left by the death of Will. Her quest involves retracing her Will's steps, trying to see the world as he did through his eyes. She keeps holding onto the last memories of her brother, afraid to move on not wanting to let go completely. Naturally her each person experiences the same thing differently and so is Finlay's journey different from Will's. Finlay's journey is more spiritual and is her passage for finally finding peace and coming to terms with the loss of a brother. Yes there's a love story involved and, although in light of such an extraordinary idea the romance is barely there, of course it helps to spice things up a bit and makes up for a bit of the darkness all around. The happy ending doesn't hurt either.

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dnf @ 7%.I should read blurbs, I didn't realise this was christian fiction.

Totally cute story.... Made me want to go to Ireland .

I loved this book, it inspired me beyond belief.

I loved this story

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