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The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story (2008)

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story (2008)

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039333306X (ISBN13: 9780393333060)
W. W. Norton & Company

About book The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story (2008)

Very powerful and moving, the true story of a Polish couple who were zookeepers in Warsaw during the time of World War II and who hid and saved refuges from the Nazis. Ackerman delved deeply into the lives and events of the Polish during this terrible period, but she also brought some lightness and humor to the story with her description of the amazing relationships between the zookeeper family and the animals. Outstanding piece of work and probably one of the most memorable, in my opinion. The Zookeeper's Wife, by Diane Ackerman, is an intriguing story about one brave couple saving 300 frightened Jews. It is just an ordinary day in Warsaw when everything changes in just a blink of an eye. Humans are put into animal cages and animals are put into homes; humans are given animal names and animals, human. At least this is what Jan and Antonina have experienced during their encounter of the Holocaust. Jan and Antonina are saving hundreds of Jews from the dreadful and fearful concentration camps by hiding them in animal cages. Their lives become far more dangerous than their previous life as a zookeeper and a zookeeper's wife. An important theme in this novel is hope. There can be hope and humanity during a time of desire and need. Diane Ackerman allows this nonfiction book to become interesting from the lives of Jan and Antonina to the history that factored well into the novel as well. One element that stands out to me is the character, Antonina. Although her nationality is German, she wants to help the Jews who are fighting for their lives. Antonina said, "For if I do something, I never do it thoughtlessly." She tries hard throughout the entire war to save these Jews, and in the end, it all works out in her favor. 300 Jews are saved and a huge part of this is because of Antonina. Throughout the entire novel, she does anything to help them no matter how dangerous the situation. Antonina also became a part of the Polish underground resistance which saved more Jewish lives than any other organization during the Holocaust. This shows that Antonina really cared about the lives of these people who were in constant danger. Throughout the entire story, my favorite elements were the characters and Ackerman's writing style. The author wrote it in such a way where it was interesting while also involving facts about the Holocaust. I never knew that zoos were ever functional for hiding Jews or that Germans even helped them to survive. My favorite character is Antonina. She does anything she possibly can to help these people in constant danger. She was very brave and passionate during the time of the Holocaust. Overall, I loved reading the novel, and I recommend it to readers who love suspense and thrillers.

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Great flow, I couldn't put it down. Make sure you have tissues nearby...

Interesting historically, but none of the people came alive for me.

Beautiful story, took place in Poland, a place close to my heart!

interesting read, but not very exciting. too much narrative

excellent story, fascinating, very well written

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