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The Women (2009)

The Women (2009)

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I absolutely loved this book, but then I have always been a fan of the man and his architecture. I grew up in Pittsburgh and was always amazed when I moved away and would run into someone who was unaware of FLW or the most famous private residence in the world - Fallingwater, but then Fallingwater is not far from Pittsburgh. The book is a tour de force as th author brings the characters to life with great vigor and humor. He used an interesting device by having a Japanese apprentice serve as a moderator which allows the author to shed light on other aspects of FLW and the times he lived in such as WWII (Pearl Harbor), mores (acceptance of mixed race couples), the daily life at Taliesin, etc. The author also starts with the last woman in FLW's life which is a bit confusing until you realize that this allows you to see the women and Frank's treatment of them, both before and after and his relationship with them. It was such a creative way to set the book up and allowed a broader understanding of Frank, the times and his women. My only regret is that the author didn't include anything about the creation of Fallingwater in the book. I look forward to reading other books by TC Boyle - I had no interest in reading about Mr. Kellogg but I do now! So so. Probably more accurately a 1.5.I read this a couple of years after reading Karen Horan's Loving Frank, and that's what probably caused the low rating. And honestly, until I started to write this review, I thought it was the same author. I assumed he'd written the story of all the women and then followed up with a more detailed look at Mamah Cheney's story. The reason her book succeeds where his falls short is that Mamah's tale is actually an exciting story. The stories of the other loves of FLW's life could not compare to such a sensational tale. It's very obvious that that is the sole reason for the otherwise ridiculous reverse chronological order of the book and the teaser foreshadowing he uses throughout the other tales to keep you interested and waiting for Mamah's. I got two CDs into this 15 CD book and had to take a break and read something else. I came back and managed to finish, but I don't think I would have had I not known what was coming. TC Boyle's account of Frank may or may not be accurate, but it leaves me wanting to know less about the man than I already do. He comes across as completely self-centered and in my opinion, unlovable. Horan also portrays the man as self-absorbed, but with some redeemable qualities. And I take it as a work of fiction only in the numerous descriptions of his libido solely because I don't care to know if Boyle is accurate here. Horan does a better job of painting a picture of Mamah that really has you questioning her choices and understanding the ramifications of them in the given time period. Boyle seems to gloss over the fact that she tosses away her life as a mother. All of the characters just seem so flat. Mamah is just focused on her work and the women's movement that doesn't seem to care about her children or even Frank. Olgivana is just completely focused on serving Frank that she becomes a ridiculous hypocrite. Frank is too focused on his own genius to really care about anyone else. And Mirium is only focused on herself. And even though she comes off as unbearably whiney, I respected her more than any of the others for calling Frank out on his self-absorption. And Kitty - the only character that left me interested and wondering what she had to say, was addressed hardly at all and only as a side note to his ongoing life and not as an actual player.All in all, I'm surprised I finished this. Not one I recommend to others. Skip the time invested in this and read Loving Frank.

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Loved this book about the egotistical FLW and his women!

Historical fiction about Frank Lloyd Wright.

Great read about F. Lloyd Wright wives


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